Friday, November 04, 2005


I incorporated elements of Wassily Kandinsky¡¦s ideas into my own piece. I wanted this piece to reflect an artistic composition based on a piano piece by contemporary pop pianist/composer Jim Brickman titled "If You Believe¨. This is a piece that reflects the message of having faith and holding onto dreams and goals. I wanted to imitate the way Kandinsky depicts music, through use of line, color, and composition.

Artist: Katie, Taiwan
Medium: Acrylic


Anonymous Ed said...

I find the attempt to present the message of having faith and holding on to goals was done successfully in the use of Kandinsky’s style of line and color. I’m assuming this was done by focusing the lines towards one spot representing a climax that would be a person’s goals and faith with the colors going from cool to warm as it reaches the desired point a person would want to achieve.
The work is well done and neat. The usage of solid lines is also very aesthetically appealing. The piece is very smooth and calm yet does portray a very deep meaning. I am curious as to if the song it is based on also has a smooth beat or tempo.

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