Friday, November 04, 2005

"Explorations in Textures"

For the following pieces--Texture1 and Texture 2--I explored texture using shredded paper. The pieces were deliberately composed of photocopy paper.

1. The first explores the juxtaposition of folds and creases in the paper in relation to the vertical lines. Shapes and curve lines that contrast with the strong vertical lines. From a distance the vertical lines are not visible and the effect is that there are bumps on the plain white paper. This pieced was inspired by the process of weaving where vertical stands are knotted to create texture on weaving.

2. The second piece is concerned solely on the effects of creating textures, patterns and shape and volume with flat strips of shredded paper. The piece is structured as if it were a basket with primary structures. Unlike Basketry, this piece is quite fragile and relies solely on the surface tension of the paper, its flexibility and the creases and folds. Originally the piece was completely smooth, the ceases were forced accidentally but the creases were set uniformly and thus give an orderly appearance. The fibrous strands are similar to the fibers in bread.

The purpose of these pieces was to explore texture, the color was chosen white as it allows for various interpretations when lit by different light sources. Inspirations of technique and choice of strips of paper come from much work from weaving, basketry and fiber art I explored last year. I am planning my next pieces in textiles, focusing mainly on embroidery and applique.

ARTIST: Sandy, Taiwan
MEDIUM: Photocopy Paper


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