Thursday, December 22, 2005


The image of a field of flowers came to my mind while researching Budhism. I am also studying the art of origami and have combined several different folding techniques to complete this piece. The larger flower is made up of several smaller flowers, to create the effect of layering. The legs however, have not given the effect that I was looking for, and in fact seem to resemble some sort of virus, or army of flowers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura, your project is a very interesting interpretation. I am amazed at your skill and patience putting together the peices and positioning them just so.

Some impressions I get from you work is that it is very geometrical, sharp, man made.

The Lotus is interesting standing out from the other flowers being taller in hietgh and having different shape and being the only one that is pink. the warm colours are placed closer to the Lotus.

There is a mismatch from the top of the bright cheerful flowers stem to the broan "stool" that they are perched on.

To create a layering effect as grass or flowers do in nature consider using methods of florists, observing nature, maybe buy a piece of florist foam. Try looking at some nature pictures? I thought lotus' grew in ponds?

I love the poetic-ness of the image "field of flowers".

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I've never thought of using origami to make art before.
I'm really impressed by how you put the simpler shapes together to make such complex yet beautiful flowers.

I agree with how you said the flowers look like an army.
Because flowers give an impression of something tranquil and beautiful, you could change the bottom by changing them into a rounder shapes and less sharp-edged shapes.

Nonetheless, you have a great artwork here and I'm glad you post this up :D

3:18 AM  

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