Monday, October 08, 2007

graphic design?

Hm... Graphic design is basically a way to communicate a message. Well To me this artwork does a great job of communicating to the viewer in terms of racism... I know this may not seem like that great of a masterpiece... but unlike alot of pretty "visually appealing" artwork, it really brings about a message. It's really important to base your work around a message, instead of trying to come up with a message after you create the artwork... that were the phrase Form Follows Function comes from, it was the motto of the Bauhaus, one of the first art schools created after world war II based on graphic design, architecture etc... But the term form follows function is really talking about the "form" or image/ artwork, follows the "function" which is the message!
Another excellent part of this work is the use of typography. I think these are simply excersises done by typography students to train their use of typography. Typography is a big part of graphic design, and its a lot more than just words, then it may seem... The heirarchy of text is a very big part of communication. Thus this work had the right use of size and placement to communicate to the viewer whats important, such as... Racism is the key to this poster.. so then they eye catches that first... stuff like that.. etc...

P.S. i dont know if the image is big enough for you to see XD... sorry


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