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(littleminx, taiwan)

I thought that this project was very unique and creative, with the man trapped in the ocean, reaching out for help, inside a cage.

The color scheme of this composition is predominantly gray and white. The ocean inside the cage has value, shifting from light to dark gray. The sky is also a stormy overcast gray. The color outside the cage is white though, and looks less depressing.

I like how the artist used texture and movement to create the waves. The texture is very smooth and watery, and it actually looks like the ocean is surging, like what ocean currents do. This is achieved through careful brush strokes and value.

It’s interesting how the little person seems to be collaged out of paper, because it adds more texture to the composition. There’s a certain movement within the person too because it looks like he’s flying. He seems to be reaching out into the vast ocean trying to grab something. Maybe the yellow mask?

The bars of the cage reminded me of prison bars and the chain that the person is holding reinforced this feeling. There’s a sense of desperation in this piece by being trapped in a cage like a poor bird, and trying to reach out to freedom.

I wonder what the masks symbolize. The bright colors of the masks- yellow and orange- contrasts with the depressing gray and black hues.

There’s a sense of balance and unity in this composition too. The consistent gray color scheme ties all the art elements together, and the composition is almost symmetrically balanced. I like how the cage is tilted rather than in the center of the canvas. It’s less boring this way.

One area of improvement that I would suggest though is perhaps the bars of the cage. It looks a bit flat. Perhaps using real wood or some other material other than acrylic paint would make the bars a lot more powerful.

Overall, great job though. There’s a dreamy and surreal feeling that permeates this composition.

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