Tuesday, October 09, 2007


grey marker
for karen.. ahha since u love food

you guys should watch this video... its about a guy drawing with ketchup.. its pretty interesting..
This guy is really good at drawing portraits and he teaches you how in a few of his videos... basically people "make up" stuff then they draw... they say stuff like.. "hey there should be an ear there..." so they draw an ear.. but actually people should really jsut observe carefully and learn how to NOT.. let ur mind get in the way of drawing portraits.. just observe and pretend ur drawing something youve never seen, that way you wont be making up things, which would make ur portrait look weird.


Blogger -karen said...

AHAHAHA JEFF I love this! And then it's like you can eat your artwork, or eat while creating art! YAY Double-win (in a sense)

Anyways, I have something to show you in return..someone who made Marilyn Monroe out of Cucumbers, but since we can't post videos or pictures in the comment box, I'll create a blog for you, with the video! ahaahah, and the guy who made it agrees with me about the "eating" your art idea, so don't make fun of me! His first words in the video is.."today I woke up wanting to eat"..or somehting along the lines of that.HAHA
Go check it out

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