Monday, December 17, 2007

really cool paintings

heres this guy i stummbled across when i was looking for this soccer player. anyway its this man who does pictures of athletes. at first i thought they were only paintings, but then i read furthur that he has now converted his style onto the computor, and unless people ask him for paintings he now only does his work on the computor. heres the picture i first found...this one is oil

i thought it was really neat, beacuse i have never really seen a painting with this much movement before, and i also really like the colors. It kind of reminds me of one of my artists in a way, because dega mostly tried to show the movement of just ballerinas..just a thought :)

he does alot of things for advertising agencies. which is really neat and he designed things for the 1994 world cup and other things. heres a link of alot of his other pictures if your interested .... i think there really neat.

the name of the computor program he used is the same one i heard shu talking about (i cant recall/find the name right now, but i remember...)


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