Monday, January 21, 2008

graphic design... in motion!

I was watching Yuka's video and i remembered some things about graphic design. There are a couple branches of graphic design: the visual communication, which is basically... flat graphics? where things are done in two dimentions, but theres also motion graphics. I forget the other parts of graphic design but anyhow. I was watching youtube and I came upon this.
Funny, my sister's boyfriend does motion graphics... this stuff usually appears on TV .. obviously since its animated, but you know how during commercials theres always flashing text and stuff that animates and advertises... the next football game? Stuff like that... motion graphic is rather new and I dont know much about it either. But i saw it a couple of times on tv when I was in the states.
Heres the video:
Also sweet

This is also kinda funky... and i have a feeling SOMEBODY :O got their inspiration from this for their last project. hahaha
peace :D


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