Sunday, November 26, 2006


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The first impression that I felt when looking at this piece was a whimsical, nostalgic sort of feeling. In fact, this composition of fluffy sheeps grazing on a pasture with a clear blue sky in the background reminded me of a child's wallpaper, but in a good way. It also reminded me of how kids used to count sheep when they couldn't sleep at night. Perhaps this is an allusion to that? The color scheme in this composition is significant in conveying this childlike- nostalgic feeling. The artist's use of cool colors- notably light blue and light turquoise-green creates a calm feeling. Even the pinks, purples, and whites in the sheep are light. There aren't any violently dark colors like black or blood red; this is a cool, peaceful color scheme- like how most children's wallpapers are. The artist also utilizes texture; the sheep are all very fluffy. This gives the sheep form too, so that they do look flat. The fluffy texture makes them look very "cute," and appealing to kids too. There's also a sense of space because the sheep become smaller and smaller as they get closer to the sky. This is good because if they were all the same size then the composition would look boring. However, this composition lacks value. I'm not sure if value is that necessary in this piece but I have a slight problem about the composition looking too simplistic. Perhaps more value (and texture) in the grass would make the composition look more sophisticated. Also, do sheep really have stick legs? Well, a good aspect about this composition is that it has balance and unity. The repetition of the sheep and the way in which they are lined up in straight lines creates balance, and a sense of order. Basically, this composition illustrates an idyllic view on childhood. But where's the cultural element in here? Also, this composition is somewhat trite. Perhaps an original and unconventional approach would render greater results. Overall though, I think that the artist did a fine job and the artistry is quite good.

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To help with this piece, think about what the phrase, "to be sheeplike" means.

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