Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New work


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Critique on the last piece:

The colors in this piece seem to be very carefully chosen and balanced throughout the piece. Also, the way the colors in the background are blended, it creates a sense of importance to the foreground. The people in the foreground are drawn with immense details, especially in the clothing. The shadowing on the clothing is done sophisticatedly and realistically, adding depth to the piece.
The patterned scarf gives the piece a focus; when the eye first looks at the piece, it is immediately drawn to the scarf on the man’s shoulder. This unity in the piece is another point that makes this a very interesting piece. Also, the repeated scarf pattern around the piece once again gives a sense of unity.
The legs of the ‘2006’ figure however, seem slightly unreal, because of the elastic positioning he is in. Another concern is the titling of the dates. With the dates written, it suggests that the viewer does not know much about the history, or painting, which is a bit risky. (This is just a small problem)
Overall, I think this piece is wonderful, and gives the viewer a different look on Cambodian culture and history.

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