Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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I thought that this piece reflected a lot of creativity and that the artist did a good job in weaving in her culture. Firstly, the color scheme of this composition is quite effective. The hues of red, orange, and yellow created an intense and fiery mood, that was chaotic, but in an effective way. The texture in the background further adds to this fiery mood because the thick downwards brush strokes seem chaotic. There is value within the horse too; the use of different shades of brown makes it look more interesting. There is a sense of space to a certain degree. This can be seen by the cards growing bigger and bigger as they fall out of the horse. However, the distinction between foreground and background could be improved. The horse and the fiery background seem to lie on the same dimension, but the horse should be in the foreground. Perhaps this could be done by adding more form, or 3D-ness, to the horse. The looks a little bit flat and this could be improved by working on the legs of the horse, adding more value, and therefore creating more form. Overall, I think that this is fairly successful piece though. There is balance (the piece is assymmetrically balance). There is also rhythm, created by the falling cards. This makes the composition look not so stagnant. Finally, I liked how the artist subtlely alluded to her culture by painting the chinese designs in the horse. I'm curious to know what the story or meaning behind this painting is though. The horse reminds me of the Trojan horse and the little card people falling out reminds me of the hidden soldiers in the Trojan horse. I wonder what the meaning is in this painting though.

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