Sunday, November 26, 2006


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What I like about this composition is that there’s a sense of subordination and love at the same time. The position of the little girl and her dad- with the dad towering above her creates a sense of subordination. At the same time, the facial expressions on both of them seem happy, thus the feeling of love.
I like how there’s a sense of space in this composition too. The checkered lines on the floor become smaller and smaller as they get closer and closer to the fence. This creates a sense of spatial depth and makes the composition look less boring. However, I think that this could be improved a little bit. Maybe the lines could head towards a vanishing point, making the spatial depth seem greater.
The texture in the trees is quite convincing. The dabbles of paint make the trees seem very “leafy.” It also creates contrast with the smooth texture of the floor. The artist utilizes form too, by painting creases in the clothes of the people, making them look more realistic. However, the heads seem slightly disproportional. (Heads should be one seventh of the entire body length, but this one looks more than that.)
This composition is almost symmetrically balanced too, and that seems to work because the people are position in the center, and this draws attention to them.
The value in the floor- from dark blue to light blue is interesting, but maybe painting shadows would make it even more interesting. Also, I have a slight problem with the floor looking too “clean” or pristine. Maybe paint some leaves or dirt on the ground? (But that’s not such a big issue.)
The buildings on the two sides resemble temple- like structures, thus maybe this is alluding to the artist’s culture. The designs on the buildings are very detailed and that adds complexity to the painting.
Overall, a nice job in creating a realistic painting.

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