Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Anonymous Raisins said...

This artwork different from other arts displayed in this site in that this artwork is composed by graffiti. The words are compressed together as it floats out the kid’s head blends in with the words that are written in the background. This artwork seems to be illustrating what 21st century students are going through, stress. The chose of reds helps the words to have its own impact for they are reasons why this kid in particular is having difficult time thinking. With the ears plugged and eyes squinting, the facial expression clearly conveys that many things are going on in his head. The irregular shape of the words as it floats out of his head hints that more feelings are coming out as the words progress to the outer edge of the canvass.

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Anonymous anonymous said...

I really like this piece because I feel that the whole idea of all the pressure being forced upon a person can often make one feel as seen in this image, confused and frustrated, unable to handle it. You can see he is trying to block all those negative stressful thoughts (in red) out of his mind. In the background you can see positive words such as love, inspired, new blending into it. This shows something else in the painting. It shows that all these good things in his life are being blocked out by the negative things and he's going crazy becuase it can be very overwhenlming. I feel that there is a lot going on in this painting but it is done so nicely and neatly that the image is still easy to follow and interpert.

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