Friday, December 08, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bluey taiwan

Your piece is unique in the way that it is so vibrant with its bright colors, and the technique that you used to spread the paint on also creates a dynamic composition. The piece also seems to reflect alot of expressionism as the composition is purposely very chaotic, disorderly and seems portray alot of intense emotions because of that. The technique that you used to make the buildings, using transparecies, really adds to your piece and enhances the distruction of the fire because the buildings are so transparent. I think overall, this piece is interesting in that its so dynamic and seems to reveal alot of emotions, with the colors being so vibrant and well painted/mixed.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous evelyn lee, taiwan said...

I like the way that you used only some specific colors to show a strong impression. Also the way that you use three canvas to draw out a scene made this piece more unique in a way that it's not only "a piece" of artwork. I really like the buildsing and the airplane(?) in it. Although I can't tell what are the bright red thingys in the middle canvas, but they look cool

6:14 AM  

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