Sunday, December 10, 2006


Anonymous Bob said...

I like how the artist chose to paint a face on 5 different canvases and fit it together like a puzzle. I think that if the artist was to paint a face just on one canvas, it would lose some of its meaning and definitely would not have been as visually stimulating. I think that the girl screaming in the piece represents the frustration and anger felt by each individual in society, and I think the crooked way the canvases were aligned help to enhance the chaos of the piece. However, maybe the artist could have done more than simply painting a face, as there is not too much for the viewer to see and interpret by themselves. I think this is a great piece, but maybe in the future the artist could try incorporating more abstract things into the piece so it’s not so literal. I also liked the use of color as this piece is very emotional, and I think that blue conveys the sadness of the piece.

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