Thursday, October 18, 2007

about the return

i thought id show you guys these two pictures, because yuka showed me a picture of Ivan from the return the other day. I thought it was really neat so i went and looked for more, its interesting because you can see how his mood throughout the entire movie with just these two pictures. which is what were doing now, i know caputring things in just a couple of images that have a greater meaning or a kind of story. I thought these two pictures were sort of funny too, but it is sad that throughout the entire film he was never really happy. Its also really neat that peoples expressions give off so much about them. By just looking at these pictures of him you can tell he's not agreeable or that he will go with the flow. In the first picture you can tell how subborn he is, becasuse you can see his father to the right and there staring each other down. He was very persistant though, if i were him i would have given in because when your out in the wild with only two people you know for gazillions of miles it would proably be alot easier to give in, and go along with everything. i think that if someone had never seen this movie and they just looked at one of these pictures that could maybe decribe to you ivans characher, or what his mood was like throughout the film. (anyway this is kind of my test blog i hope it works!)


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