Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jason Kronenwald
Produces ART without paint
100% gum, every inch of it!

No paint or dye is used: all colour mixing takes place behind closed mouths and the only tools needed for the application of the medium, other than a Swiss Army knife and a plastic roller, are fingers and thumbs. The final product is sealed in epoxy resin. Gum Blondes is the name of his series which includes Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Brigitte Bardot. From bubble gum pop to bubble gum pop culture. Kronenwald has a dedicated team of chewers (kids from a local karate centre) and prefers the texture of Trident. *(HAHA I thought this was hilarious) however, he does not chew gum himself unless he must.

Hmm...kind of interesting, and definately creative. Just thought I'd post this since the food art discussion is still going on. These works challenge the nature and purpose of their materials and present both technical and conceptual versatility.

BTW, to check out the Jason's "GUM BLONDE GALLERY" visit:



Blogger Jenn said...

This dude likes to draw celebrities, eh? Well, so does the dude at Unfortunately, he doesn't use gum. Gum is pretty gross though, I take it that you mean chewing gum?

7:43 AM  

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