Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fashion Designer

When I was still in Australia I used to go shopping at this really nice dress shop. I was looking at the brands on the tags, on a dress that I liked and saw the deisgners name- her brand is called Knight Cat (her name is Cat Knight). Anyway i found her on Myspace, and she has stuff all about her brand and being an independent deisgner. Shes only in Australia at the moment but hopes to branch out and sell all over the world. But she doesn't just design her dresses she also makes them, by hand. So there are only about 3 made, unless she gets speacial orders. So her dresses are unique, and really cool becuase they are different from other dresses around Melbourne, they are nice and simple. She uses bright fabrics, and materials of all different textures. Though they can be expensive, I still like them :) so heres the link to her myspace, which is just about her dresses. You can probably only view her myspace if you have your own account, but there are some pics here anyway. (Cat is the girl in the photos)


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