Wednesday, October 17, 2007

UH OH, another blog about food!

First, I'd like to show a picture designed through adobe photoshop that I randomly came across while looking for food art..haha and this is to all the fans of graphic designing..(ahem*Shu and Jess) It really caught my eye because this design has alot of things and has no focus, which could easily distract the viewer or create a messy look. But the visual presentation was don well, and it looks very completed and "right" I love it because it includes famous "artworks" around the world, including architechures such as the colloseum in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisaa, or simply just a kangaroo, which is a symbol for Australia. Click: to see a clearer picture

Also, In response to Jeff's post on making art with french fries, I found a similar video of some guy who decided one day to make a portrait of Marilyn Monroe out of Cucumbers. It's very exquisite because he has to cuts the sizes of cucumbers with a knife personally. It's very cool, hope you guys likee it!



Also since people have been blogging about assembling food to make art, I thought maybe I'd post something opposite, such as this bird, which is an artwork of food. It's actually pretty funny, because the artist who made this did not intentionally try to make a potato bird. Here is the actual story (artist's own words) :

"Last night I was making my new favorite recipe, sweet potato quesadillas, when as I was peeling I realized that the sweet potato i was peeling looked just like a bird. Well, I realized right away that it was an important sign maybe even a minor miracle, because I was suppose to be finishing the project I was going to show my art kids the next day, and I kind of side-tracked with a hungry desire for sweet potatos.

This story makes me think that one cannot escape the fate of creating art at any given moment, HAHA and it's pretty true, all around us, art is happening.

Anyways, that's alll I wanted to share..OKay, sorry about this food fetish everyone is catching..haha....But hey! food IS so interesting to use to create art. materials+ideas+skills= good art right? haha well food is a very unique material, with the only downside that it can attract unwanted spectators (insects) and it's difficult to preserve and keep for memories.



Blogger Cindy said...

wow lol nice nice i thought the food to art part was funny

your quote
"all around us, art is happening!!!"
yaaa exactly so i love this quote =)

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