Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Arcimboldo for Karen

Although this is especially for karen, this artist is inspirational for any of us. Check out the slide show at the NYtimes:


Blogger -karen said...

OWOW, That's a really interesting way to make art. Actually, I was planning on basing my IB work on making art with food, exactly something like that. Yet after seeing this, not only have I realized the difficulty of doing so, but the representation of faces with differnt foods-although recognizable and skillfully done-- conveys an unappetizing image for me. That's...not good, haha because my decision to make art with food is because I like seeing food, and this way, i can love and have fun wtih my artwork!

However, if I ever plan to make something like that, Arcimboldo will be like my mentor, cause the faces he makes are not random, and are even sometimes of very important people such as magistrates or kings! Very coooool

Like look at this delicious picture with many fruits

And, although the fruits are yummy-looking, individually, as a whole, the face they combine to make is a bit...grotesque (for me personally)

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