Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Car Commercial

This is one of the articles posted on I was drawn to looking into when I saw a little animated kid who above him was titled "Mitsubishi Lancer." No where within me could I find an association that would put a cat-suit wearing child next to a suburban vehicle. After watching the video, I immediately realized that making the association was the whole point of the short. The director says, ""With the skew towards women and young families, we wanted to tell a story that would engage with families on an emotional level." The initial scene sets the stage, a depressed, somewhat sad looking toddler likely driving home with his mom. The skies are warm toned. With so much focus on the emotions of the child, it is easy to forget you are looking at car commercial. However as the story progresses, the child begins to draw is focus onto the car. As he develops a sense of safety with the car, so does the audience. I thought this short was so cleverly done, that after watching, you almost want to be like the child driving home in the with nothing worry about (especially the car).


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the cat girl is cute!

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