Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Earphones Dress, by Daryl van Wouw

I found this browsing online.
Kate, I told you I would upload it for you.
Here you go:

I had no idea where it was from so I did a little researching.

The designer's name is Daryl Van Wouw, who graduated from the Academy of Art in Arnhem. He interned for Donna Karan! His work was first presented at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week in 2005, and then New York Fashion Week in 2005. His designs are mixes of street style or sportswear with hints of couture, which make them more interesting, and because of this he is known as "the Street-Couture designer"
I got really absorbed into his designs.

Here are some of his Autumn-Winter 2007 designs, I couldn't find out where the earphones dress was from. His inspiration here was mensuits, and you can see that in the designs of the dresses. The pink head and headphones is the logo of his brand; the head is the face of Daryl himself. The dresses are made with trouser bands..

Finally, I leave you with this one.. ... What do you think?
photos from: here

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Blogger Ev said...

okay..so you posted this for kate..but IT'S PERFECT FOR ME. you found the last piece of my puzzle dear su. it's what i've been thinking about alot lately. plus..its so me : ) you are wonderful. say hi to my next project!

4:01 PM  
Blogger kate said...

Wow thats awesome
thanks :)
i really like those dresses with the crazy ripped up skirts
I am looking him up :) looks like he has good inspiration for me

1:28 AM  

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