Monday, January 21, 2008

Strange juxtapositions...

As we have been working on juxtapositions, contradictions, oxymorons, irony, I've been more aware than ever of all the artwork out there that uses these techniques.

For example, Kehinde Wiley is a great example of someone who can intelligently juxtapose two worlds seemingly apart. The truth is, there are often more areas that overlap than we might expect.

Then there's Jen, who was talking to me yesterday about her two different interests: Disney characters and Taiwanese Aboriginal Art...or lack of. How do you combine those two interests??? Maybe it just hasn't been done and the door is open to invent something new!

Finally, there's SuWei who was talking to me about "Oribotics".

True?? Yes, you actually check out how robotics and origami meet in the middle, and you can feed the little critters too. Thanks SuWei.

ok, that's it for now.


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