Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Creature of the Week

A couple years ago I find a website that was used by artists to basically communicate and help each other out. The site mainly focuses on digital concept art, this form of art is mainly done on a computer through programs such as photoshop or painter with the help of a tablet or something. Concept art is not really anything special in terms of being a whole new form of art. It is really just a term to describe how the art is meant to be used as a template of characters/mood/environment for future production. This website allows developing artist to bring their skills up both as painter and as a thinker of concepts. I found this really interesting thread in the forum named Creature of the Week. Basically every week, a topic for a conceptual "creature" is chosen and announced to the public. The artists then proceed to paint and illustrate what they interpret the topic as. The results are amazing, both visually and thoughtfully.

The topic for the piece above is "The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle." Click the image, the description makes you really understand why it looks the way it does. There have been tons of topics over the years, from "Iceberg Devourer" to "Pinkish Peaceful Treehugger," if you can imagine what those look like.
Heres the Link: Creature of the Week
Theres threads for: Character of the Week and Environment of the Week


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