Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Return was all about the messages sent to us the viewers. The way I see it every image sends a message. True that some messages are more profound or meaningful than others, but that doesnt mean that the trivial messages dont count. The image above really caught my eye because of its bright colours but looking at the image you can see that its not H2O but H1/2O and under, I dont know if its big enough to read but it says that "In the last 30 years, the world's water supply has halved" The message this image sends is that we need to start taking more responsibility and stop wasting resources such as water. Currently in the world, issues such as global warming or saving resources or rain forests have become increasingly popular and have gained more awareness. I see that as an obviously good thing, but i dont think that people are really hearing it. I know we see or hear things like the image above all the time, but I dont think we really process them because in the end we're still pretty wasteful. I feel people dont really get the magnitude of the threat that not taking care of our plant poses. But i do believe that in the future people will find a way or change in order to survive


Blogger shu said...

Yeah when I saw that picture the colors really stood out to me too. they kind of make me think of a grunge, rusted, industrial wasteland.maybe I'm taking this too far. But i guess thats the purpose, you gotta be frank and direct when it comes to serious issues.

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