Wednesday, October 17, 2007

candy wrapper dress

This is a dress I found on the internet. By a girl call Carlie Barrett whos a senior. Its made of candy wrappers, which I thought was kinda cool and different. Carlie was looking at candy bars in a magazine, saying which she liked and didnt like the look of. She realised that thats the way others can look at women, judging from the outside. So she decided to do a project with a candy wrapper dress, choosing bright designs for happy woman to wear etc. Anyway heres the site if you want to read more :


Blogger yuka said...

i think that the project shows great creativity, i was just wondering how in the world she made the candy bar wrappers so big. I also went to site and i saw some other projects that other people were doing and I think it was really cool to see such good ideas coming from people who are about our age.

2:59 AM  
Blogger -karen said...

OMG, that's awesome! I bet ev would really like this..because she's researching stuff related to fashion and is currently experimenting with candy wrappers to create weave bags, and it just reminds me of this picture! How did she manage to get such a big piece of Twix candybar? HAHA did she like make the wrapper herself? It's soooo eye-catching. Thanks for this


5:39 AM  
Blogger su said...

Wow, I think this really related to Ev's blog on her eco-friendly bags. And also Karen's! I love how these sorts of ideas often come from people of our age, and because of it we tend to respond .. enthusiastically.
HAHA yeah um that wasn't a real Twix candybar, was it?

5:07 PM  

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