Thursday, October 11, 2007

"The History of Transportation" by Helen Lundeburg

This massive wall mural by Helen Lundeburg (1908-1999) is composed of 60 panels (8 ft high and runs 240 ft long) and is one of the last examples of petrachrome mosaic art (technique using combination of cement, stone aggregate and pigment - made to withstand Southern Californian weather). Because the original mural was heavily damaged, restoration began in 2000 and took some years to complete, then was recently relocated to the Grevillea Art Park in Inglewood. It basically narrates the history of transportation from the Native Americans all the way to people boarding a DC-3 aircraft. It was commissioned by President Roosevelt's Works Project Association in 1939 and was finished in 1940. I thought this was interesting because it related to the research Shu was doing on transportation, and was a significant piece; due to the fact that it was the largest WPA mural made, AND by a woman, that was dismissed and is only being properly recognized now.


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