Sunday, October 28, 2007

Poster Artists

I love looking at old postcards and posters from countries around the world. The artists (usually anonymous) are quite talented. Anyway, I recently came across which features propaganda posters from China. Propaganda posters (in any culture) were generally a cheap way of reaching a large population, promoting a strong political message.

"Liberate Taiwan". printed in 1977
Taiwan has inspired many a propaganda poster in China. Two main themes are evident: Protection of the coasts and re-conquest of the island.

I'm not so political, but I think these posters can be interesting windows into a culture. Most cultures have them, including the U.S. (look for war posters). The funny thing about this website is that if you send them a photo and some money, they'll have your face photoshopped into a poster and actually painted on canvas by someone in China. Kinda funny and weird too.



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