Thursday, October 18, 2007

Word could be illusioned too!

what do you see....? Do you see the face of a man? Or do you see the word "Liar"
After i had fun with optical illusion paintings... i started to realize that not only painting could have that effect, but also words too. Simply just a word could have the same effect, but words are easier to recognize. I realize that it's all about the way we perceive the painting. If we concentrate on it, we won't see it.. For example this ....

Do you see alot of blury black spots? Or do you see the word "lift"?... I realized that when we examine a picture, different effects are influenced due to our personal mood. If we concentrate hard on it, we see black blury spots. However, if we sit back and relax, and see the whole picture, we would notice the word. It is all about your perspective on the picture that sends out the effect of optical illusion. I realized that this goes the same for all paintings, and artworks. Any painting could be percepted in different perspectives because everybody has a different perspective. This is interesting because ... the same painting, could mean different messages to everybody. Therefore, i think that optical illusions whether in painting, or word form are both a way of testing our observation skills and determines our skill of observing different perspectives.


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