Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tricky Tricky

What do you see?

Here is a test your sense of observation! I can only have 9 faces.. have a go at it:)

... I think art that makes you think is so cool! Optical illusions are one of the hardest type of art that could be made. I dont even know how anyone could think of how to make this..

Here is an artist that explores the style of optical illusion.
He is Rob Gonsalves... THe most interesting thing about this artist is that all of his art are optical illusions, however they are obvious. I examined all of this paintings and realized that his paintings are usually separated into two scenes, and it is the connection that makes the paintings illusioned. It all depends on the perspectives that you view the painting

this for example... if you look from the top, you would see ships in a sea... waves...and a beach. However, if you look from the bottom perspective, you see a person in a desert, and a sky full of seagulls and flying ships. So which is it?

same thing.. if you look from the top.. you see a waterfall.. if you look from the bottom, you see alot of weird people in white searching for something..
I think Rob Gonsalves mastered the techniques of opticall illusions for painting. The way that two very diverse scenes could be connected is in need of high level of skills and techniques. Therefore i think that artists that are able to express their art through optical illusions is fun for the artist and for the viewers.

If you want to see more of Rob's paintings... press this link

If YOU want to see more of other fun and cool optical illusions.. press this link


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