Friday, October 12, 2007

My Project!!

Hey guys! I bought an iMac so I tested out iMovies and there ya go! It's my project... instead of doing only one canvass, I did four (in the film there's only three because I forgot to take pictures of the last one) so it's more like photographs. I lied, Karen... I'm not almost finished. I just enjoy scaring you.

The little blonde boy is my friend, he loved water. He did daring stuff. He was skinny and tall and had two twin brothers and a sister and two very liberal parents. When he smiled he looked like a whale. He liked strawberry jam with rice. He has a sad story.

In The Return, we kept seeing snapshots and photos, and the two boys were keeping a diary. They also spent a lot of time around water (the lake, rain... etc.). So I'm "documenting" a story about my little blonde friend through a series of paintings that represent photographs. Sad thing is, I browsed through my diaries and photo albums and I only found a few entries and no shots of him. So, I had to dig through my mind searching for the truth.



Blogger -karen said...

JENN! PLEASE FIX IT..i really want to see the video you made of your current project. Although we saw it in class, like you said, we don't know the sequence, and you said this video is telling the story of your art. This is actually one of the most important aspects of art-what the artist really want to convey and I'm just kinda curious about your story, and intepretation of those four frames! BTW< like alot of people, I love your metalic acrylic!


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