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The difference between graphic design and graphic art.

Theres a common misconception that all art created with computer can be considered as graphic design. However people must realize graphic design is a type of design, therefore it must have a concept and idea. For example, what people often call graphic design as shown on the left, is clearly not design. True, it may look great and appealing with AWESOME composition, but thats just about it, what more meaning will it have? I mean, the title of this work is "all the children are insane." It may have succesfully created a chaotic, but at the same time beautiful peice, but how else would you relate to "the children are insane?" Here, obviously the piece has no meaning, the artist took a series of brushes (stamps on photoshop) and created a nice looking composition... This is exactly like painting without a motive... I don't know what this kind of art would be called, but it is definitely not graphic design, maybe it could be called computer painting? Basically, in this kind of "computer painting" the artist has a set of brushes, which are like stamps, and the only thing they do is decide where to put images from the stamps to make it look good. However I should make it clear that I am not discriminating against this kind of art. It takes much skill of cropping, placement, color, composition, and most of all skills with computers to create a piece like this. But I just wanted to make it clear that this is not graphic design.
My sister is a graphic designer and she sends me some things that graphic designers make. Graphic design in the real world would be making things such as advertising, logos, catalogues, business cards etc... Well at least thats the things my sister does for her job. But that is the occupation part of Graphic design. Graphic Designers often make poster arts, so this post is kind of like Mr. Reyes' post on propaganda posters. Here are some posters that Graphic Designer's made that have meaning in them. They are clever, to the point, and emphasize a message. If you notice, a good poster should be able to connect to the viewer without having words on them, and many of these posters are quite clever.
Sorry for having the poster sideways, i forgot to change it when i was uploading. Anyway, graphic designers often make collages for posters and drawings. It ironic because everyone thinks graphic design is computer centered... But Graphic design is basically conveying a message the best you can to the reader. In the first year of college for Graphic design, they often restrict students from using computers, this is because they want the students to use the full potential of their mind to make something meaningful, they don't want the students to rely on computers. So, about this collage... Can you guess what it means?
Try to guess... because a good graphic designer would always be able to communicate to the reader with their art. Compare this poster to the previous one... the previous one has elements such as stereo's rainbows, targets, airplanes, buildings, and targets... What does this mean? now look at the art created by a graphic designer... By the way, I forgot to say... In the first image the poster is composed of a bunch of silhouetted cropping of pictures, and bright colors... it really doesn't send a message to the reader, and as i was looking at the site, i realized the artist DIDN'T have a description of his art... This means... not only did the artist not portray a meaning... He didn't even have a message in mind when drawing it! Anyway the second image is talking about plastic surgery... Did you guess right? This image is portraying how twisted plastic surgery is... If you look closely the image is a female composed of magazine clips and staples. and under it, clearly states "beautiful"... is this what you see as beautiful? have your FACE all stapled up with magazine clips? It was an interesting way to look at plastic surgery, and obviously the artist is not supporting it. Well... For me the message was obvious, and clearly the artist put great thought into it....!
Art Center college of Design is the number 1 Graphic Design school for commercialism. And their motto is Forms follows Function... this means that you must come up with a message before you come up with the form.. the function obviously would mean the message or idea...

I've been contradicting myself from what I make and what I say...
(to Mr.Reyes... Id like to say that these graphic design posters are often political and stuff.. like propaganda ... its another form of advertisement... so it is really hard to make graphic design personal... Unless you add features that relate to you like I attempted to do for my first project...But then when you do that you are making it so function follow form, therefore the piece becomes kind of like graphic painting, and the meaning becomes superficial)
I will be posting more graphic design soon.. mostly posters.


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