Sunday, November 11, 2007

Help me please

Hi art buddies!

As you guys probably know, my third project for the semester is a movie. I initially wanted to film real people, make it grayish/bluish like the effects in The Return. However, after talking to a few friends and my mom, I decided that yes, I am a technological idiot, and maybe literally "filming" with a camera would be too difficult for me.

So now I'm considering animation instead. It's time consuming though...

What do you guys think?


Blogger -karen said...

JENN! okay, i think you shouldn't not do it just because you're starting from zero with filming...because if you're really interested, it will give you more diversity in art! and plus, if you're worried about time..just keep in mind that you're like the really ahead than the rest of us..who are all still more or less on our first project! when you'be almost finished the first one and started on your second..! good luck with whatever you decidee lol

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