Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Travis Millard

I was looking through Juxtapose, this art magazine in the library and I found this really interesting artist named Travis Millard. Some of his stuff is kinda strange, but I really like his quirky style, especially his creative ways of of making interesting, often humorous associations.
He has a couple of these, on the left is the topic and the right are comical descriptions of the often
negative effects of doing the activity on the right. This illustrations that go with the words are sometimes literal, but sometimes metaphorical such as the ropes that symbolize intestines.

This one is my favorite. If you dont understand, he blames his failing stomach lining (ulcers) on things that cause him stress.
I also found these two very intriguing. He utilizes his stylized faces to emphasize the fine difference between crying of sadness and crying of happiness. And he composes the arms and faces to incorporate a sense of movement even though the figures seem to be a grid-like static formation. A contrast is incorporated by using warm colors colors for the women and cool colors for the men, also not the little clouds. Yet with these fairly obvious contrasts its easy to confuse the two, and the emotions, which is likely the point.


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