Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eco-friendly Fashion!

This is the second time today that I've tried to upload a picture on here to show you guys some really cool eco-friendly handbags, but it failed again.. So you guys can go check it out yourselves at . Anyway, I've spotted these really nice handbags a few times at stores in the states and in Tokyo, but the choices were always limited so I never found the color I really wanted. Since it is pretty pricey, I never got one..but..they're so cool! They're handbags made out of candy wrappers! They also have handbags that are made from pull tabs from cans, like the things we like to flick after we finish our Nestea? And now, they even have bracelets that are made out of candy wrappers too, for a stop-global-warming cause. Everything Ecoist makes are made out of recycled or organic materials. Who says eco-friendly stuff is always dorky and uncool? These Bottega Veneta-style woven bags are wayyyy cool. They also state on their website that their primary aim is "style," and that they want people to buy these bags because they look good, not just because they're eco-friendly. Okay, just wanted to share : ) Recycle people!


Blogger jeff said...

Does the company donate the money to help global warming or something? haha It would be ironic if the took the profit for themselves, seeing that they are quite pricey. :D

2:05 AM  
Blogger jeff said...

Ok my bad, i had just proved that i cant read T.T i missed that part about stopping global warming... Thats awsome! (that they are fighting global warming)

2:07 AM  

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