Saturday, November 24, 2007


As Karen and Mr Reyes know, I did a french presentation on the artist Arman. He was known for his creative "accumulations" of things but also, his sculptures and paintings.
I wanted to show you guys what sculpture I talked about.. and then move onto my own next project.

Okay so, here's the sculpture.

"Hope For Peace"

Arman (1928-2005) is a French artist who later on his is life moved to New York. He collaborated with many different artists; Andy Warhol was one of them. Some things he liked to do .. was to take apart things and put them back together in a different way.. often painting them or glueing them down on a canvas.. etc.
This sculpture, which was made in 1995 was commissioned by the Lebanese government.. to commemorate 50 years of the Lebanese military. It stands 32 meters tall, and INCREDIBLY includes 83 tanks/military vehicles.

OKKKKay. here are 3 more of his different styles of artwork.

Now.. my project.

This is hilarious. I well, haven't realllllly pinned down everything I want in my project, but I want to still.. keep it "in the dark". So, I found this art forum-ish thing, and I asked people for their opinions.
So some people had some good pointers and things.. but I was mainly concerned about the material I would use.. when someone said.. WHALE BONE. Whoever it was went onnnnnn and onnnnn about..
" I would gravitate toward that medium. Combs and needles and toothpicks and other items we take for granted these days played a significant role in early man's history and they were all made from bone. If it were my first sculpture and I decided to make a _____ I would make it from whale bone, but first I'd have to go and kill myself a whale and before I could do that I'd have to build a ship and have one of the metal chaps forge me a harpoon. Once I had all that done and studied navigation and learned the constellations by heart I'd get busy with my sculpture."

Anyways, just wanted to throw that out there for you guys .. if in the future you
a) need advice on your work (YEAH don't know if you would venture in that direction again)
b) want wacky ideas

if you're still interested in Arman's work.. it's quite interesting.. check it out here
on the left-hand side, under catalogue you can see many of his artworks.


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