Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Car Commercial

This is one of the articles posted on I was drawn to looking into when I saw a little animated kid who above him was titled "Mitsubishi Lancer." No where within me could I find an association that would put a cat-suit wearing child next to a suburban vehicle. After watching the video, I immediately realized that making the association was the whole point of the short. The director says, ""With the skew towards women and young families, we wanted to tell a story that would engage with families on an emotional level." The initial scene sets the stage, a depressed, somewhat sad looking toddler likely driving home with his mom. The skies are warm toned. With so much focus on the emotions of the child, it is easy to forget you are looking at car commercial. However as the story progresses, the child begins to draw is focus onto the car. As he develops a sense of safety with the car, so does the audience. I thought this short was so cleverly done, that after watching, you almost want to be like the child driving home in the with nothing worry about (especially the car).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Earphones Dress, by Daryl van Wouw

I found this browsing online.
Kate, I told you I would upload it for you.
Here you go:

I had no idea where it was from so I did a little researching.

The designer's name is Daryl Van Wouw, who graduated from the Academy of Art in Arnhem. He interned for Donna Karan! His work was first presented at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week in 2005, and then New York Fashion Week in 2005. His designs are mixes of street style or sportswear with hints of couture, which make them more interesting, and because of this he is known as "the Street-Couture designer"
I got really absorbed into his designs.

Here are some of his Autumn-Winter 2007 designs, I couldn't find out where the earphones dress was from. His inspiration here was mensuits, and you can see that in the designs of the dresses. The pink head and headphones is the logo of his brand; the head is the face of Daryl himself. The dresses are made with trouser bands..

Finally, I leave you with this one.. ... What do you think?
photos from: here

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Origami House

Hey guys,

Here's a video of the Origami House from last semester. ITS SO COOL.

"Origami House" is the largest house made of folded paper. In total, the team used up OVER 1 square kilometer of paper (!), 15,000 folds, around 8 full-day weekends to fold, and 5 days to simply install.

The design of the bricks used in the house are pretty incredible. It's a modular model with the size 2 x 1 that interlocks like normal bricks. It has a really strong strength vs. weight ratio; ONE brick can hold over 6 kg of water without showing any signs of buckling.

The purpose was just to create something childlike, a house with the typical triangle and squares.. etc. That's why they used 45 degree angles for the rooftop. People viewing it are intended to walk INSIDE the house and notice all the details, the strength, the scale, and also reflect upon the process.

Video: The Process


Can't help it. I have to show you guys more photos:

that's origami SUSHI!

These orchids look so real..


It's a penguin!

View from the right front window

Okay, sorry for the long post.
PS. THE VIDEO WOULDNT WORK but i think i fixed it.
PPS. The exhibition was in Australia!



Chocolate Runway

I just found a catwalk in Moscow which the theme was chocolate! The models all had chocolate on them, if it was a chocolate umbrella, hat or entire dress. Its crazy how detailed and cool these look, i wouldnt have suspected it was actullay edible. There is no article with the pics, but if you want to see them its really cool, at :

Monday, January 21, 2008

Strange juxtapositions...

As we have been working on juxtapositions, contradictions, oxymorons, irony, I've been more aware than ever of all the artwork out there that uses these techniques.

For example, Kehinde Wiley is a great example of someone who can intelligently juxtapose two worlds seemingly apart. The truth is, there are often more areas that overlap than we might expect.

Then there's Jen, who was talking to me yesterday about her two different interests: Disney characters and Taiwanese Aboriginal Art...or lack of. How do you combine those two interests??? Maybe it just hasn't been done and the door is open to invent something new!

Finally, there's SuWei who was talking to me about "Oribotics".

True?? Yes, you actually check out how robotics and origami meet in the middle, and you can feed the little critters too. Thanks SuWei.

ok, that's it for now.

graphic design... in motion!

I was watching Yuka's video and i remembered some things about graphic design. There are a couple branches of graphic design: the visual communication, which is basically... flat graphics? where things are done in two dimentions, but theres also motion graphics. I forget the other parts of graphic design but anyhow. I was watching youtube and I came upon this.
Funny, my sister's boyfriend does motion graphics... this stuff usually appears on TV .. obviously since its animated, but you know how during commercials theres always flashing text and stuff that animates and advertises... the next football game? Stuff like that... motion graphic is rather new and I dont know much about it either. But i saw it a couple of times on tv when I was in the states.
Heres the video:
Also sweet

This is also kinda funky... and i have a feeling SOMEBODY :O got their inspiration from this for their last project. hahaha
peace :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is a video for a song called Heart Made of Sound by a band called SoftLightes and i thought it was really interesting because usually music videos follow the story the song tells but this video follows more the words literally. I just thought it was something ive never really seen before and it caught my eye. I also thought the way the video was made with a lot of stop motion was very interesting.

Monday, January 14, 2008

For Karen! (again..)

I don't even remember how I came across this site, I think I just clicked on link after link and eventually ended up on the page. In fact, it's in a language I can't even interpret, does anyone know? Anyway, it's a bunch of food art! Except now the food is used as a scene and little figurines are being put on the food, hiking up the dessert "hill", mowing the lawn of..a kiwi. It's some really crazy stuff I absolutely love it. Just thought I'd share.

More pictures here!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I was just looking through some pictures used as advertisements and i realized there were a lot of bad ones but i found a few that were interesting in the way that they were presented. There are a lot of ads placed on buses but these showed creativity and had ideas that fit with what the ad was on. So they used the fact that they were on buses to make them more interesting. I think that's an important thing to do with all art, to think of the context and the materials and setting and use them to make it better.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ferrari (Real) Version

This is the original film by Claude Lelouch. You can hear the gears shift. It's very different than Snow Patrol's version. It's longer too! Lelough was arrested after making this film. He was criticized for not heeding red lights and pedestrians and for encouraging speeding and reckless driving.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beautiful video

This was a film done by a French artist. Later, the American band Snow Patrol used it for their UK version music video "Open Your Eyes."